Royal Rose, LLC


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    Company Description

    The “Salad Bowl of the World” gained some much-needed color, flavor and crunch in 1993 with the formation of Royal Rose LLC of Salinas, California. Royal Rose LLC grows several varieties of radicchio, a member of the chicory family that is revered in Italy and throughout Europe as a fresh, zesty addition to salads, pastas, pizzas and more. The vibrant color, pleasing bitterness, and unmistakable crunch come together to form a unique addition to any meal. Royal Rose turned a seasonal vegetable into a year-round treat, following the sun through four growing regions to supply a growing market with field-fresh radicchio, grown right here in the USA.
    Led by company president Dennis Donohue, Royal Rose has helped promote and popularize radicchio in the American marketplace. Royal Rose’s “Fresher-Bigger-Better” Radicchio is an industry-standard treat. Chefs all over the country are increasingly using Radicchio beyond the salad, serving the versatile vegetable raw, grilled or sautéed and in a variety of specialized dishes. Even McDonald’s now includes radicchio in its premium salads in many markets.