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    William T. Finlay Operations Manager Central Texas 737-497-5302 Williamfinlay2016@gmail.com 16021 Biltmore Avenue, Pflugerville, Texas 78660 Dedicated professional with proven performance in management, leadership, and communication. Detail-oriented in problem-solving and planning. Ready to make an immediate contribution to your organization. EXPERIENCE TEAM LEAD TRAINER Whole Foods Market Jacksonville, FL October 2021 – June 2022 • Conducted pre- and post-training assessments to measure the impact of training. • Assessed participant knowledge and understanding of the material and adjusted training accordingly. • Coordinated team exercises and group discussions to increase training engagement. • Conducted internal surveys and employee interviews, applying feedback to assess and improve training programs. • Provided Analytical research on current crops and foreseeable changes arising with focus on higher yields. LIFE COACH City Streets To Student Athletes Jacksonville, FLORIDA October 2014 - Present • (25-30) athletes utilizing speed/agility training/ offensive drills. • Enforced discipline and sportsmanlike behavior and imposed penalties for breach of such standards by individual students. • Promoted sportsmanship by coaching players to respect one another and opponents. • Instilled values of integrity and dedication with regular team speeches. • Recruited new players by scouting related athletic competitions and practices. • Promoted a drug free lifestyle. FOOTBALL FILMER KANE WOMMACK FOOTBALL CAMP Mobile, ALABAMA South Alabama Football Mobile, Alabama June 2022 - June 2022 • Set up necessary cameras and related equipment before start of shooting. • Made requested adjustments to camera positioning with thorough knowledge of camera operations. • Analyzed set layout to determine best placement for filming equipment. • Adjusted position and controls on camera equipment to manipulate lighting, exposure and focus for scenes. HUNKS MOVING SENIOR TRUCK CAPTAIN College Hunks Junk And Moving Jacksonville, FL October 2016 - October 2021 • Welcoming Calls ensuring the validity of the clients work order and the resources that need to be exerted to complete the job fully. • Working with team members to create a pleasant customer experience with focus on team member happiness. • Managing time to ensure completion of tasks in a timely manner. • Promote quality in our service throughout the College Hunks team. • Manage (10-12) per shift(Office Moves)/ (4-6) Large(4-5) Bedrooms INTERIM VARSITY OFFENSIVE LINE COACH Orange Park, Florida Oakleaf High School JV Offensive Line Coach March 2016 - December 2017 • Filed scouting reports that detail player assessments, provide recommendations on athlete recruitment and identi ed locations and individuals to be targeted for future recruitment e forts. • Developed and arranged competition schedules and programs. • Arranged and conducted sports-related activities, such as training camps, skill-improvement courses, clinics, and pre-season try-outs. • Kept and reviewed paper, computerized and video records of athlete, team and opposing team performance. • Kept abreast of changing rules, techniques, technologies, and philosophies relevant to sport. • Analyzed strengths and weaknesses of opposing teams to develop game strategies. TEAM MENTOR Memphis, Tennessee Whole Foods Market July 2015 - August 2016 • Helped mentees become self-reliant through coaching and counseling. Modeled healthy, trusting relationships through clear communication, and setting appropriate boundaries. • Facilitated workshops on effective communication, leadership, and career development. • Encouraged mentees to take risks and venture out of their comfort zones. • Scheduled follow-ups to gauge mentees' progress. • Built relationships with youth by planning and participating in activities together. • Researched previous years forecasts to prevent future issues arising CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSOCIATE Lowe's • Utilize excel/word to create documents for payroll, and other daily operations. • Trained/Recruited team members. • Followed guidelines to help maximize success within the company. • Maintained positive communication with leadership/Maintained transparency. • Followed up with customers to support satisfaction and resolve any issues. Enterprise, ALABAMA May 2014 - July 2015 UNLOAD INVENTORY MANAGER Wal-Mart Enterprise, Alabama May 2012 - May 2014 • Worked closely with purchasing and production to maintain levels of quality and on-hand inventory. • Coordinated shipping and dispatch of inventory materials by liaising with transportation companies and individual drivers. • Verified inventory computations by comparing to physical counts of stock, investigating discrepancies, or adjusting errors. • Created production forecasts and plans based on sales forecasts, historical usage, and product trends. • Inspected physical conditions of warehouses, vehicle sets and equipment and ordered testing, maintenance, repairs, and replacements. EDUCATION BACHELOR OF ARTS (B.A.) IN ENGLISH MINOR IN LEADERSHIP/ GRANT WRITING GPA 3.7 University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL MASTER OF FINE ARTS(M.A.) IN ENGLISH WITH FOCUS ON TECHNICAL WRITING University of South Alabama Mobile, Alabama Operations Manager Trainee (June26th-October31st 2023) -4-month educational summit in Austin, Texas. Learn how to manage, facilitate, and help grow a company. Used this as a gateway to move to California post-graduation. Extracurricular Activities - Volunteering with City Streets - Assisting with PGA Tour First Tee. - Pursuing PCA/CCA Licenses for California Regulations - focus on Improvements in crop yields with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of food production. SKILLS • Goal Oriented. – Time Management • Microsoft Office/Excel/ Visio - Fluent on video filming Fluent in Spanish • Volunteered time filming/ operating a mega camp May 2022 (South Alabama) • Trainer Mentoring • Role Modeling • Process Improvement • Relationship Management • Strategic Planning • Presentation Building • Large Dataset Manipulation • Network Threat Assessment - Grant Writing - REFERENCES Tim Patterson — Red Wire Director Of Finance (334) 806-6605 tim.patterson2016@gmail.com Steve Reynolds — Keystone Heights Head Coach Keystone Heights (904) 796-7159 coachsreynolds@gmail.com James Daniels — City Streets Executive Director City Streets To Student Athlete Director Of Operations (757) 287-3117 Clay Patterson — South Alabama Football Director Of Football Operations (251) 445-4004 Claypatterson@southalabama.edu James.b.Daniels@outlook.com
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  • What would be considered your ideal job? Creating an optimal environment where growth is built in the fabric of the establishment. I want to create a better tomorroow.
  • What is your current job title? Operations manager
  • What is the Highest education level obtained? Master's Degree
  • Field of Study or Degree obtained? English w/ Technical Writing
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About me

Steadfast, loyal, brave, and true there are many opportunities that one has but the opportunity to move to California has awakened my love for Produce and farming. I am a 4th Generation farmer from Alabama and I am  ready to get my hands dirty in California.



  • 2023 - 2023

    Operations Manager( Schooling for Management)

    Attended School of Retail Managemnt with H-E-B in Austin, Texas prior to my move to California.

  • 2019 - 2023
    Whole Foods

    Team Trainer/Analyst

    Assisted with Daily Operations. Discussing future yields and the challenges that we may face in the near future. Collaborating with Regional to administer changes at the store level. Adjusting in order to be abrust on the state of crops and how they will effect sales.

  • 2016 - 2023
    Oakleaf High School(Offensive Line Coach)/ Analyst for college football programs

    Football Coach/Analyst

    Train 15+ players (offensive line play, situationaldevelopment, goal setting), creating plans to impact future successes.


    200+ kids graduated high school!



Honors & awards

  • 2023

    Deans List

    Every semester in college, I had a 3.5 or higher. Volunteered coaching as well spending the majority of my time helping youth