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About me

Hi there,

I want to use this space to explain my big interest in this assistant breeder position. I am looking for the best opportunity for me in California because I am trying to make this place my permanent home. Looks like this is a right opportunity since it lines up with my interest and experience (please see my CV for detail of plant breeding activities). My training in plant breeding was very intensive from reputed small grain breeding programs of USA. I have in depth knowledge and skills in breeding program which starts even before the crossing (i.e. crossing block selection) to varietal release and data analysis. My plant breeding training (while in PhD) used to cover 30 acre research field in NC (not including regional nurseries in other states) where I learned/practiced every stages of varietal development. I have many plant breeding skills (assets) to enhance plant breeding efficiency such as  accelerate variety development process using MAS, genomic selection, double haploid, generations advancement in controlled environment, early generation selection etc. Most of these are basically a result of big data analysis. Likewise, I am very good in scoring traits. For instance, my disease score for three related traits (severity, FDK and DON) of wheat scab measured at different time interval is ususally around 85%. Behind these activities, there are so many moving parts like coordinating trial by sending and receiving seeds to other collaborators, preparing planting materials/field/labels, shipping, record keeping, planning etc. Timing of each and every activity is crucial since a delay in one activity may tend to hinder all other plant breeding activities. But, having a very clear picture of breeding pipeline may allow to adjust/correct the breeding operation. I also have a year of exercise in managing cotton program (field, greenhouse, lab, logistics etc) and also acted as a point of contact. I am very confident in what I know because, all of my plant breeding knowledge/skills were mostly developed by walking along nearly a half mile pass of small grain/cotton field for 7 years (MS+PhD+Research specialist job). These knowledge can be easily applicable in any other crops amd I am very confident on that. I have no problem in driving some field machines. I must thank my hard working and tough adviser Dr. Paul Murphy who allowed me to develop leadership in the research field, greenhouse and data analysis. The bottomline is, I am very capable to take this job and the location is also very suitable for my wife and son to work on their career. 
Please see my CV for more information.

Many thanks

Roshan Acharya

Sunnyvale, California