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Matthew R. Byrne

11331 Los Osos Valley Road, Unit D

San Luis Obispo, CA. 93405

Mobile: (408) 660-6722

Email: matt.byrne00@gmail.com

September 9, 2022

Dear Sir/ Madame:

 I graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in March 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business, and I would very much appreciate your consideration for the Sales/Account Coordinator Position at Direct Roots.

 I have developed excellent skills in agribusiness based on my major’s well-rounded, learn-by-doing, curriculum and through the agriculture and sales jobs I have held. A tasting room sales role at Kiler Ridge Olive Farm in Paso Robles, and my current full-time position at Sprouts Farmers Market have provided a foundation for developing great customer service and sales skills. Additionally, I was a viticulture intern at J Lohr Vineyards and Wines in Paso Robles, a role that provided a hands-on introduction to the field of agriculture. These positions required substantial physical labor and a technical skillset. I am motivated by interacting directly with customers, offering my knowledge and assistance to help them make the purchase that best suits their needs. I have learned the value of working long hours, particularly during the pandemic where a shortage of labor provided new opportunities and job responsibilities beyond my hired role. I’m always willing to learn new skills and step in to help the team based on a “get it done right” attitude.

I believe I would be a great addition to your staff, and I would very much appreciate an opportunity to work as a Sales/Account Coordinator at Direct Roots. To schedule an interview, please text, call or send me an email. I will follow up with an email or phone call within the next couple of weeks to ensure that you have received this correspondence.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review my application and resume, and I look forward to speaking to you soon.


Matthew Byrne