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Kate Smith

17514 Sugarmill Rd.

Salinas, CA 93908


March 28, 2022

Braga Fresh

P.O. Box 425

Soledad, CA 93960


Dear Braga Fresh:


As a fresh produce professional highly experienced in private label product development for multiple retailers, I am very excited for the Private Brands Manager position. I believe that Braga’s history has had a lot to do with how it has built itself as a business and is a large part of why I want to be a part of your company. I am very excited for the opportunity to bring my extensive background in product development to a company that stated from the ground up and has consistently adapted and evolved. I not only have conventional but also extensive organic private label product development experience and would love to bring my knowledge to one of the fastest growing organic produce companies in the country.

I have led the entire commercialization process while being the point person for the Sales team and the retailer. I know every step of how to develop product in the fresh produce industry, from overseeing plant trials and developing product specifications, to creating proformas, developing artwork and managing retail portals, to managing timelines and ensuring regulatory requirements, to tracking the success of new and existing products post-launch.


Having worked across various produce companies in the Salinas and Pajaro Valleys, I have seen Braga invest and market wisely to bring innovative product to market. I am impressed with your facilities, your product line up and marketing, and the decisions you make as a company, as well as how you got to where you are today. I would love to bring my extensive experience to Braga to help the company continue to grow and bring the highest quality produce to retailers and consumers. I believe my expertise in private label product development across the produce industry will serve as an asset to Braga and to fulfilling your company objectives and goals.





Kate Smith