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Josue Diaz
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August 11, 2022


Dear Search Committee Members:


I am writing to communicate my interest in a career opportunity at Verdant Technologies. My interest in pursuing a career at Verdant Technologies is bolstered by the company values and mission. Most recently, I was a Translational Plant Science Ph.D. student and research assistant at The Ohio State University (OSU) under the supervision of Dr. Leah McHale. Prior to OSU, I obtained a Master of Science degree in Plant Science from California State University, Fresno (CSUF) under the guidance of Dr. Margaret Ellis; and a B.S. degree in plant science from CSUF. Through the course of these programs, I have gained experience and expertise in agricultural research, especially in the areas of plant breeding, plant pathology, and research and development. Based on my previous research and qualifications, I believe that I am an excellent candidate for a career position at Verdant Technologies.


I have always had strong research interests in crop improvement and research. It is the potential to make contributing discoveries that encourages me to further develop my power of innovation. However, this requires the time, experience, and environment that only a company like Verdant Technologies can provide. At Verdant Technologies, I will be immersed in an enriching and collaborative setting. Throughout the course of my studies, I gained knowledge on a broad range of topics related to plant breeding, crop improvement, plant health, agricultural sciences, and STEM education. I believe an interdisciplinary approach to research is essential to forge new paths in plant science research.


I have strong leadership and communication skill. During my graduate studies, I mentored five undergraduate students, and developed research projects for three of those students. As a graduate student I was a teaching assistant for two lecture classes and two laboratory classes. As part this experience, I was responsible for teaching, lab setup, grading, and improving upon assignments to enrich the students understanding of the material. I also gave eight guest lectures and lead a workshop for the USDA AG Discovery Youth Program. I taught lectures on epidemiology, disease management of field crops, and genomic selection for crop improvement. Based on my previous experiences, I view myself as a qualified candidate for a career opportunity at Verdant Technologies.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.




Josue Diaz