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    Joseph Scalia San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 | (559) 730-8350 | joey.scalia24@gmail.com EDUCATION: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Expected Graduation: Dec 2023 Bachelor of Science: Agricultural Science GPA: 3.42 AGRICULTURAL EXPERIENCE: Universal Seed LLC, Independence, OR Jun 2023 – Sept 2023 Agronomist Intern • Consulted growers on proper agronomic practices for seed production. • Scouted grower fields for weeds insects, diseases, and soil fertility issues; compiled, analyzed, and interpreted test results and prepared progress reports. • Completed soil sampling to determine nutrient availability in grower's fields. • Monitored and interpreted crop field trials for management decisions in future growing seasons. • Maintained healthy grower relations. California Polytechnic State University Dairy, San Luis Obispo, CA Nov 2019 – Jun 2023 Feeder • Fed and maintained the nutritional health of 500 head of dairy cattle. • Operated and maintained heavy machinery safely and efficiently. • Assessed and monitored feed rations provided to the herd. • Maintained animal areas, lots, and barns clean of manure and extraneous objects. Calf Feeder • Observed the health of 150 calves and heifers ranging from newborn to 11 months old. • Administered treatments to newborn calves. • Prepared, pasteurized, and sanitized bottles for calves. • Operated and inspected the upkeep of equipment. RELEVANT COURSEWORK Plant Pathology • Comprehensive study of the causes and effects of diseases of plants and modern methods to control plant disease. Weed Biology and Pest Management • Weed ecology, biology, and implications for management. California Vegetable Production • History, botany, growth characteristics, climatic adaptations, pests, and harvesting methods for the most important vegetable crops grown in California. Soil Health & Plant Nutrition • Plant nutrient requirements in the context of soil health. Composition, value, and use of fertilizer materials, conditioners, and agricultural materials for sustainable crop production. Irrigation Water Management • Water measurement, basic hydraulics, irrigation systems, and distribution uniformity and efficiency. Agricultural Entomology • Focus on the biology, ecology, and identification of insects and mites important to California horticulture, field crops and landscapes.
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  • What would be considered your ideal job? I would consider a field agronomist to be my ideal job once I finish college.
  • What is your current job title? I am currently a student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo finishing out my last quarter.
  • What is the Highest education level obtained? Associate Degree
  • Field of Study or Degree obtained? Agriculture Science
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