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I have little experience in the drone pilot sector which is a big factor for this job. But as a fast learner I believe I can accomplish any task that’s presented to me with the proper guidance. As a fast learner I am capable of learning things in a quick and easy manner. I could learn by just watching and then applying the same context in my own, accomplishing similar results. The skills that I lack from piloting a drone can be compensated with my knowledge of insects. I’ve worked with benificial insects before trying to determine the knockdown and effectiveness of pests on fields. I am also bi-literate and can communicate and write in both English and Spanish. As a person who can communicate well in both English and Spanish, I could be a valuable asset to integrate to your company  I have the proper documentation like a valid driver’s license with a clean record as well as the ability to travel in and out of the country.

I am a hardworking person that is dedicated to the job in hand which needs little to no guidance from a supervisor.  I have acquired the necessary basic skills to a proficient level when it comes to dealing with Microsoft applications such as word, excel, and outlook but could learn any other program in a couple of days. As a person I have acquired interpersonal skills such as critical thinking and problem solving which could come in handy in this industry and in advert situations. I have good observational skills which I put to practice most of the days when identifying insects which could range to big insects as well as microscopic ones. Once trained on the correct field I could be a valuable asset to you.

Thank you for taking some of your busy schedule to read my letter. I look forward on meeting you on the interview.