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About me

I have worked in the produce industry for over twenty years now. In my previous position it was my duty to meet with clients to determine their needs for food service and how the company would be able to fulfill those needs.

My computer skills are also quite high which allows me to maintain all sales accounts, past orders and current orders that are to be shipped. I am also proficient in all Microsoft Office applications including Excel and have a great working knowledge of maintaining all spreadsheets and databases where inventory is controlled. I have a high attention to detail and always ensure that everything that is input into the computer is completely accurate before saving or sending any pull tags to the warehouse.

There would be no problem in my picking up and memorizing any company’s product line quickly to be more effective in my position. This is vital when out in the field as it does not look professional to check product lists for every item a customer is interested in.

I am willing to relocate, please feel free to contact me at any time by calling (661)-742-4924. I am available at your earliest convenience.



Janell Dykstra