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Dear Hiring Manager:
I am writing to express my interest in the opening position. As my resume indicates, I have graduated from Fresno State University receiving my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Agriculture Business Management. I feel competent enough with my current knowledge and years of people experience to be able to fulfill the job requirements and meet all the expectations. Throughout my four years of post-secondary education focusing on agriculture business marketing I was able to gain a lot of valuable knowledge that I would love to make use of in this position. Also, I have over 3 years of experience working with people in the management sector which has allowed me to fully develop my interpersonal skills. At my current position I have been able to develop a strong marketing background and am comfortable working with people, both individually and in groups. I consider myself a person that always seeks improvement and am courageous with my actions. All of these factors with my eagerness to learn make me a great candidate for this position. I am more than willing to work under direct supervision and completely open to following directions. You may contact any of my references to corroborate my information.
If given the opportunity, I would like to further discuss my qualifications for this position and answer any questions you may have through an interview. You can contact me through my email jaimeortiz59@gmail.com or through phone (831) 512-7531. I look forward to speaking with you!
Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,
Jaime Ortiz