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About me

Dear Sir or Madam,

Having been a Vice President/ General Manager and recently as a Sales and Business Analyst for one of the largest agricultural product manufacturing companies in the States with more than $217 million in sales, I have been responsible for the management, Sales and Production planning, team building and analysis.  I would like to build on this experience with my next endeavor.


 Skills which would be of immediate benefit would include:


Management.  Managed more than 185 employees through two general managers, a $3.8 million payroll budget and 4 million nursery units of production.  Was responsible for designing, planning, budgeting and managing one of the largest commercial plant tissue culture laboratories in the world.  Implemented a TQM and ZDB (zero based defects) program.  Increased production by 30%.  Reduced purchasing by 15% by creating competitive bidding among all vendors and getting the best value of grow products.


Sales and Operations experience.  I was in charge of developing sales planning of more than $160MM of wholesale products at over seven production facilities.  I had consistently improved at all levels so that quality, accuracy and speed of information meet corporate expectations.  I have significantly improved sales and production planning, implemented processes through teamwork and effectively improved communications.


Computer systems.  As a “power user” for SAP-BW, I was responsible for developing and implementing “front-end” sales reports, queries and data verifications.  Introduced a computer system and integrated production plans, scheduling, sales and unit cost analysis, marketing plan and payroll analysis.  Experience in experimental design, statistical analysis, spreadsheet analysis, relational database management, etc.




I would like to put these skills, and others described on the resume, to work for you.


I would like to talk to you about your recommendations and projected needs.  Could we arrange a time for a meeting?



Sincerely yours,


Amul Purohit