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To whom it may concern:

I am a soon to be graduate from Cal State LA with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Along with my education, I have experience working in a setting where I had to Upsell items to customers and make suggestions for them. With having over 5 years in a management position, I know how to multitask, take charge, be responsible for others and myself. Being able to speak to customers on a daily basis, makes me feel comfortable working in an industry where there has to be lots of dialogue. I do not have experience in the produce industry, but I am looking to jump start my career in the produce industry doing entry level work such as assisting sales reps. I have the ability to learn quickly and put what I have learned to use fairly quickly. 
Skills that I possess include having over ten years experience using Microsoft Office and its affiliates (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). I also know knowledge using Outlook and emailing. Keeping track of inventory, entering data into computer systems, and handling cash deposits are some other skills that I have.