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    James M. Anderson 445 E. Foster Rd. Santa Maria, CA 93454 (559) 803-7574 email: jandersonnwg@gmail.comUSDA/FSIS – Consumer Safety Inspector: From 2015 to July 2023.Inspection for Poultry, Beef, Swine, Lambs, etc. Inspected product for pathology, overseeing plant and personnel for applying HAACP principles, SOP and SSOP, sanitary practices, from kill floor to final processing. Also oversaw production of processed products such as sausages and other further production of product from raw form. Promoted to last position as of May 2018.Independent Brokering of Produce: From 2013-2015. Buyer/Sales/LogisticsApplied my extensive experience in not only buying and selling fresh produce, but also sourcing. Negotiated on both national and international level and arranged my own logistics for LTL and straight load shipments. I have dealt with extremely intricate details on arrival qualities, timeliness and pricing. I am able to meet any demanding schedule in any and all realistic conditions. Main focus on all berries, onions, avocadoes, and all other fruits and vegetables as situation warranted.Dubacano Export/Import (Visalia, CA): From 2009-2013. Manager/Buyer/SalesHandled various produce imported from and exported to the US, Canada, Asia, Mexico and South America. Utilized everything from Truck, Air, Vessel, and Rail. Supervised and monitored sales to meet company goals and customer expectations. Focused on Berries, Onions, avocados, and other products based on customer needs.Custom Produce Sales (Parlier, CA): From 2005-2009. Sales/Buyer various produce typesFocused on purcha sing for in-house value added production, as well as handling and creating accounts for outside sales in the US And Canada. Year round acquisition was imperative, as Sysco was a main account for the company. Focused not only my expertise with berries, onions, but also did avocados, chili peppers, sweet potatoes and related mixed vegetables, and was able to cover other commodity desks at need.Food Services of America, Amerifresh: both from 2003-2005, and 1979-1988 Learned EVERY aspect of the produce business from some of the best that ever worked in the industry. Handled dispatch, orders, and learned all commodities and helped at need with sales. During my second tenure, in south Georgia, did sales and learned in detail berries, onions, and mixed items. Also developed long lasting relationships on the east coast with grower/shippers and a great customer base.OTHER EXPERIENCE:Foster Farms/Zacky Farms: From 1999 to 2001 – Weigh and Price Foreman/Sanitiation Worked as Foreman for the weigh and price department, as well as in Sanitation. Responsible for production timeliness and quality, as well as preparing production areas with HAACP procedures.Fresno Meat Co. (now part of Cargill) From 2002-2003 – Grinding Room Supervisor Produced ground meat, supervised production and crews to ensure all necessary HAACP and safety protocols were covered.Universidad de Guadalajara, UNIVA, and Universidad de Autonoma, Guadalajara, Mexico From 1995-1998. Taught English, International Business, and developed a Canadian Studies Prodgram with Lic. Lancaster-Jones at the Autonoma, as a liason with UC Berkeley.Carretillas de Mexico, Guadalajara, MX – 1995 – International Sales Developed a contract between them and Union tools for 400,000 wheelbarrow per year.Skills/abilities:  strong problem solving skills = pragmatic  ability to make timely, independent decisions using cogent reasoning  excellent reading, writing, and public speaking skills  bilingual (English/Spanish)  proven leadership with crew/team members of up to 40 membersEducation:Univerisity of Californial, Berkeley, BA 1991 Fresno City College, Fresno, CA. Completed breadth requirements for tranfer to CAL, 3.86 gpa Universidad del Valle de Atemajac 1995, diplomado in English instruction.References gladly furnished upon Request!
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  • What would be considered your ideal job? a position where I can use all my experience to help my employer and fellow employees excel
  • What is your current job title? Consumer Food Safety Inspector
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