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          My name is Erik de la Vara, I’ve been working for the past 4 years and a half in the Agricultural industry. I started my journey in Agricultural as Quality Control at Nunes cooling. After a 7 month learning experience at Nunes cooling, I was promted to The Growers Company management team. I managed the entire traceability program for the company for a 6 month period. I began my journey into the Food Safety department. I was promoted to Food Safety Manager for the Growers Company. I currently manage and maintain all document control for the company. Ensure we follow all SOP’s and GAP’s set forth by the company standards. Over see all audit schemes the company participate in (LGMA, FSMA, Primus, FDA). I manage 5 supervisor’s and 15 foreman under our Cole crop division. I ensure we complete all daily task and ensure all safety regulations are being followed. I have been crossed trained in Industrial safety for Harvest. I have been trained in work comp policy, fleet training, new employee orientation, and tractor/machine driver training. I take pride in ensuring all my task required of me are completed in their timely manner.